GE – Intelligent Platforms - Servo Amplifiers

VersaMotion Series

  • The VersaMotion family of servo amplifiers offers a cost effective solution for a broad range of motion applications.
  • These versatile amplifiers support simple stand-alone positioning capability using up to 8 stored motion profiles or can be connected to any motion controller using an analog or pulse command interface.
  • A built-in touchpad and display provides convenient access to
    configuration parameters and system information.
  • The serial interface supports multi-drop system configurations and Modbus communication protocol.
  • Amplifier setup can be accomplished using the VersaMotion software included with Proficy Machine Edition or using the convenient front panel keypad.

αi and βi Series Servo Amplifiers

  • GE αi and βi Series Servo Drives, based on over five million axes installed worldwide, offer superior reliability and performance for unprecedented mean time between failures.
  • The αi and βi Series Servos are available in a wide range of ratings for use with GE PACMotion PMM335 Series motion controller.
  • Standard serial encoders built into the motors provide exceptional feedback resolution of 64K or 128K counts per revolution.
  • Serial encoders support higher resolutions at high motor velocities than standard quadrature encoders and are more immune to noise.
  • An optional battery connection provides absolute position feedback, eliminating the need to home the system after a power shutdown.
  • The PACMotion PMM335 motion controllers use a high speed fiber optic command interface to the αi and βi Series amplifiers.
  • With its superior noise immunity, both of these GE digital command interfaces allows for an increased signal to noise ratio for improved accuracy and performance.

αi and βi Series Servo Motors

  • The FANUC Servo motors are a rugged family of brushless servo motors covering a broad torque and speed range.
  • These motors utilize high energy rare earth magnets for superior cost/performance ratio.
  • Low inertia design provides high acceleration rates for improved machine cycle rates. The αi and βi Series motors use high resolution serial encoder feedback and are matched with amplifiers and ACMotion PMM335 Motion Controllers.