Electrical Panel Meters - Selec Economical Energy Meter - Selec EM368


  • 3Ø Power (Active, Reactive)
  • 3Ø Power factor
  • Energy (Active, Reactive, Apparent)
  • Programmable CT, PT
  • Modbus RTU communication (RS485) (optional)
  • Single pulse output

Ordering Codes

Part No Output Supply Voltage
EM368 Pulse Output 90-270VAC
EM368-C Pulse Output, Commn(RS485) 90-270VAC

The Selec EM306-A energy meter is Digital Panel Meters which can indicate energy, power, power factor in operation of equipment, machinery, systems or processes in a wide range of industrial applications. It consists of LED display. Comprises of Input type: 3ø-4 wire and 1ø-2 wire input type and a Programmable CT /PT primary and secondary. Supply Voltage: 90 to 270V AC/DC (50/60 Hz).

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